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The Cougar. Speak to your children about

The Cougar. Speak to your children about

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The moms and dads’ guide to what is in this tv program.

The show claims to challenge social a few ideas about older ladies and more youthful guys but really succeeds in perpetuating stereotypes about age and sex. The show’s very title is really a mention of the a stereotypical style of older girl “on the prowl.”

Stacey’s behavior does not challenge stereotypes about really exactly what a “cougar” is. Most of the males participate in sexist behavior (catcalling, whistling) and then make remarks that are sexist . which can be designed to be flattering. Regarding the plus side, the participants come from many different cultural, social, and academic backgrounds.

Competitive behavior between participants contributes to some petty arguments, in addition to some small pushing and shoving.

Countless strong innuendo that is sexual. The”cougar” must kiss all continuing contestants on the lips during elimination rounds. Some participants are shown pressing her regarding escort girl West Covina the feet or legs or attempting to kiss her. Other people are shown stripping right down to their underwear or removing their tops while they climb up onto beds along with her (though no visual nudity is shown).