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just What bailiffs can and cannot seize

just What bailiffs can and cannot seize

Bailiffs CAN seize:

  • Luxury products such as for instance TVs, automobiles, bikes and video game consoles
  • Jointly owned products into the true home or flat
  • Products that have been purchased with unsecured loans
  • Any money, cheques, bonds, shares, stocks, and pawn seats that are part of your
  • Car owned by both you and kept at your house ., company or highway that is public

Bailiffs CANNOT seize:

  • Some body else’s belongings
  • products you significance of work or research such as for instance tools, publications or computer gear as much as the worthiness of ВЈ1,350 (business rate financial obligation just isn’t included in this clause)
  • Things you’ll need for fundamental domestic requirements (clothes/cooker/fridge/furniture/work tools, etc.)
  • Something that belongs to a kid
  • Products increasingly being taken care of on hire purchase
  • Products that also work as your house such as for example a houseboat, fixed caravan, campervan or tent
  • A car that will be employed for police, fire or ambulance work
  • A car parked on personal land that’s not your home or company

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