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Myths and old wives’ stories: getting the gender you desire

Myths and old wives’ stories: getting the gender you desire

While varying advice, fables and legends about how to conceive a young son or daughter of the plumped for intercourse have been in existence for hundreds of years, whether some of these are effective or otherwise not is hard to find out scientifically. However it does not hurt to decide to try, right?

A fascinating assortment of urban myths and old spouses’ stories have actually popped up as time passes, including:

Love making once the wind blows north/south/east/west – take your choose (all of them have actually their proponents). Indulging during a specific period associated with the 12 months or just at a specific period of time (intercourse in autumn for the child). In Medieval times, alchemists and herbalists advised couples take in prescribed concoctions simply before intercourse. Some ancient tribes thought in using particular clothes or trinkets. The Chinese have actually a lunar calendar in line with the female’s age additionally the thirty days she conceives, supplying couples with ‘girl’ and ‘boy’ months to use conceiving in. Astrologists also provide theories about intercourse selection relating to where in actuality the planets lie at a specific some time date. Some think making love under a moon that is full produce a lady. Image: Supplied

Let us go through the actual data

Let’s face it, the chances are you’ve got in regards to a 50-50 chance of attaining your desired result. Current research from the Queensland Fertility Group reveals that 50 per cent of Aussie grownups wish to have the choice to choose the intercourse of these kid, so that it’s truly one thing we’re becoming more and more interested in.