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Long-range fpv setup. The urban myths vs the reality.

Long-range fpv setup. The urban myths vs the reality.

All all too often, people who are not used to the fpv pastime are apt to have a myth concerning the range that is actual of. Officially, type of sight (LOS) is meant become preserved whenever fpv that is flying. This immediately restricts the distance that is realistic you will be expected to fly fpv.

Technically you will be additionally expected to have a spotter whenever fpv that is flying. That way you are able to keep type of picture while traveling with googles.

Just what exactly types of range is it possible to anticipate? Really there is nothing Perfect, but each regularity has actually benefits and drawbacks. You can be helped by this post determine.

On 5.8 ghz (the best mini-quad frequency ) the number which can be expected is LOS MAYBE 1500′. Less in the event that you add hurdles to your blend such as for example woods, mountains, structures, or systems. Because of this good explanation,5.8 simply is not really ideal for very long range traveling.

Whenever flying on 5.8. We have a tendency to discover my traveling location, center myself within it (use omnidirectional antennas) and then fly all over myself.