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2 Girls, 1 Me: is it possible to Make A Polyamorous Relationship Work In Your 20s?

2 Girls, 1 Me: is it possible to Make A Polyamorous Relationship Work In Your 20s?


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“Can you can get Jamie expecting in place of me personally?”

My fiancГ©, Ella, is just half-joking.

“You can simply date her if she’s got our children. you understand how frightened i will be of childbirth. And you also’ve both got such good genes! They’d be therefore pretty!”

At moments such as these we discover why our friends genuinely believe that we’re likely to begin a cult.

“Why the hell do you wish to have two girlfriends, guy? That literally feels like a nightmare. One gf is plenty of for me,” claims my abrasive United states best mate Carla.

I’m still struggling to determine why I really want two girlfriends. Typically, whenever individuals ask Ella and me personally about our relationship that is polyamorous asking, in disbelief, on how we’re fine with your partner being with someone else, the reason we don’t feel jealous, or mining for vicarious facts about the ins-and-outs of our situation.

The reaction is usually rehearsed.

We first began speaking about polygamy a couple of months into our relationship, and now we kept chatting before we actually moved forward with it about it for a long time.

We started off with something a lot nearer to the usual moving – the sporadic threesome with a detailed friend that is male some embarrassing encounters along with other couples that we’d came across on the net, some drunken activities to sex groups.

It proceeded to evolve.

In terms of dudes, we’re keen on casual, somewhat more pornographic encounters, whereas we’re more thinking about establishing close, connection with girls.