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Documentary Criticizes Pay Day Loans

Documentary Criticizes Pay Day Loans

The Micah Center in Grand Rapids, Mich., this week offered a documentary that the corporation has been doing from the payday loan industry that is multi-billion-dollar.

All across the United States and Canada, as well as in Europe and elsewhere, the documentary focuses on the Grand Rapids area, where there are significantly more payday loan operations than McDonald’s restaurants although payday loan operations are in business.

Making the presssing problem particularly crucial are biblical mandates that criticize usury. As an example, there is certainly Ezekeil 18: 13 , which asks the concern of what goes on to a guy who partcipates in usury:“Will such a guy live? He shall perhaps not! He will certainly be placed to death along with his bloodstream should be on their own mind. because he’s got done all these detestable things,”

The Micah Center takes verses regarding the sinful nature of recharging way too much interest really really, claims Jordan Bruxvoort, manager associated with the Micah Center in Grand Rapids.